Jigs and the Unusally Warm Day

It was 88 when I left work tonight. Hot. I had planned on riding Jigs on the trail but he hasn’t completely shed his winter coat and he was eating his dinner. It didn’t seem fair to ride him. I groomed him as he ate. He’s really good with his hooves- I can clean them out without tying him.

So I hung out in the field with the boys. On a nice evening, sitting on a rock watching the boys eat is a fine thing to do.

Jigs kept me in view the whole time. When I started to leave, he followed me up to the barn. He made it clear he wanted to come out so I let him come with me. We spent time in the ring just hanging. No pressure. Just two friends being quiet. No need to say anything.

Isn’t that the heart of friendship?

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One Comment on “Jigs and the Unusally Warm Day”

  1. Gwen Says:

    Yep — it truly is “the heart of friendship” … hangin’ out and not needing to say a word …

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