Medical Expenses

Over the past few months I’ve watched how inefficient medical care is and how incompetent hospitals, doctors, and the system really is. That is the true expense of health care.

For example, my father has been back and forth between his doctor, his specialist, and the hospital but NOTHING has been fixed. The hospital releases him and tells him the specialist will do the procedure in his office. The specialist then prescribes a $170 prescription and sends him home. Two weeks later he removes the catheter, and sends him home again with NOTHING done, and by midnight, my father is back in the hospital to have a catheter put back in. This has happened three times now. The last time he told my father if he wanted to have the procedure to correct the problem (a simple and less expensive option), they would need to do it in the hospital- the opposite of what the hospital told him.

In the mean time, the specialist collects his insurance payment, co-payment and perks from the drug company. My father is still suffering.

You tell me who makes out?

Where is the primary care in all of this? In his office. He’s not allowed to participate in any hospital care because it is the hospital policy. Every visit, a new doctor is assigned and a new diagnosis.

Again, who makes out? The hospital gets paid by the insurance.

I’m not suggesting that the insurance companies are blameless, but when you think about it, who REALLY profits?

Just my thoughts…..

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