September is my favorite month. It’s a time of transition, of warm days and cool nights, the smell of grapes and  ripe apples.  The lushness of August is gone and there is an edge to green leaves and grasses. Fragile, it will not last. Harvest is near and color waits to burst through to the blue sky.

I have taken Fridays off work this month so we can enjoy this weather.

Today I rode Jigs through the woods and around Silver Lake. It was windy enough so there were no bugs- another reason to enjoy September. What a glorious day.

Later in the day we walked down to the old apple tree and he got to feast on the drops. Walking with him is as much fun as riding him. We’ve become friends. There is an easiness between us without reason for overt communication or direction.

I believe what we do on the ground is far more important than what we do riding. For me, it is the relationship with the horse that I enjoy. Jigs is my friend. We trust each other. We are learning what to expect from each other. There is no hurry to get anything done.

So with the rest of the month ahead of us, we will walk, we will ride,  or we will just hang out and enjoy the last few weeks of Summer as we wait for the color to come.

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