Nov is a strange month. When I think of past Novembers, I recall faded, yellow grass  bending in the wind against a gray sky. But yesterday was warm, sunny and glorious. It was the kind of day you expect in September, not November.

Jigs needs a bath. He’s filthy. But I refused to give up one hour of our time to do it. We spent the afternoon riding over the land trust from Hassanamesit Woods around the circuit returning back around Silver Lake.  He’s still recovering from a torn muscle, so we took it slow.  I figured we’d be back in time to get a quick wash done.

As we came back onto the barn owner’s property, I told him he could choose his way home. We’d been gone longer than I had planned and I expected he would choose the shortest route. He didn’t. He decided to cut though the hay fields rather than taking the shortcut to Brown’s Road.  It surprised me.

Okay, maybe his mind was on the last few bits of green grass in the open fields. But, he clearly wanted to lope up the hill. Getting back wasn’t his primary object, as it usually is. We took it slow and he was enjoying the warm sun on the fading fields as much as I was.

Mark Rashid writes about considering what the horse wants. What is really great is when you find a moment in time or in space where you and your horse want the same things.

So this last warm day of the year, we skipped the sensible bath and spent  a few extra hours on the trails soaking up the last bit of warmth the year has to offer.

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