Down Time

It’s dark in the Morning when I get up. It’s dark in the Evening when I leave work. The hours between are full of mundane stuff- phone call, memos, emails, meeting. My office is tucked in the corner of the building.

Everyone say’s I’m lucky to have two windows. I have a good view of the parking lot and another office building’s parking lot.  If I stretch a bit, I can see a fallow field that slopes down to the edge of Cedar Swamp. And I can see the sky. I know if it is raining, or looks like it will. I  can watch clouds roll in from the West before a storm. And I can see the Sun. Some days my office is too bright to read see my laptop screen and I have to close the blinds.

The warm, sunny days are hardest this time of year. I know by the time I get to leave, it will be dark. I long to be out in the sun, hanging at the barn with Jigs or riding out on one of the numerous trails we frequent.

The weekends go by too fast. They are a blur really.

In September Jigs injured a muscle near his groin. He got two week of hanging by himself in the round pen. He spent much of his days longingly watching the rest of the geldings out in the back pasture. (The rest of them he spent waiting for someone to bring lunch.)

We missed a camping trip and some great weather days. Bummer. But we had a great Summer. No complaints.

He healed. We got to go to a ride down the Cape and see the ripening cranberry bogs. Last Saturday was warm and we meandered the local trails. He was clearly happy to be out. We were signed up for another ride toward the end of the month- a ride to benefit Toys for Tots.

Sunday Jigs did not come up to greet me with the rest of the boys. Odd. I walked down to the back pasture and  found him standing by himself. He whinnied to me. “Where have you been?”

“Come on Jigs,” I crooned. “Want to go out?”

He took a step forward and stopped. Was that a head bob? “Jigs?” Another gimpy step forward…

Fall abscesses are a pain. Really, they are a pain at any season. So Jigs gets more down time. I get to get up early and soak his foot. His last abscess took 2 1/2 weeks to burst. We never saw it until it burst through his heel bulb. This time I can see a bruise forming on his sole.

Yesterday the Barn Manager told me he was a airborne when she let him out of the round pen. He provided everyone with a little ‘airs above the ground’ routine til he landed on his foot and remembered it was ouch y.

He clearly hates down time as much as I do.

I wonder if he finds the view from the round pen and frustrating as I do the one from my office?

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