Of Horses and Work

In between some work activities today, I changed my desk top photo to a new one of Jigs and me riding in the snow. I like to keep a visible reminder of why doing a good job and just working in general, is important. (And yes, there are also photos of my grand kids all over my office).

As I was looking at for the download in the picture folder of my work computer, I realized there was a record of my re-involvement with horses.  Back 7 years ago, there were downloaded photos of mustangs and horse art that at one time were my desktop background. Just looking at horses made me smile and broke up the day.

Jump head a few years and there is the photo of Pepperoni, at Bobby’s Ranch, the day I decided to purchase him. His red-rimmed eyes look out to future blindness. I recall obsessing over his eyes and nearly backed out of the purchase.

There are more photos of Pepperoni, aka, Pepper- the first bath I gave him, my first try at lounging him. There’s even one with me and my 3 year old grandson on his back. He hated kids and could not be trusted around them, but looking at the photo, you’d never know that.

Then there is the photo of Jigsy the day I brought him to Bear Foot. He’s standing in the ring looking big and shaggy, and a lot more muscular than Pepper.

There are many photos of Jigs from the past two year. My grand kids are in many of them. Unlike Pepper, Jigs is fascinated by kids. He is especially interested in babies and toddlers and is careful around them. A friend’s little one once poked him in the eye and he just stood there calmly, not reacting ears forward the whole time.

It’s been a wonderful journey despite the tears over the loss of Pepper. I’ve learned so much and gained confidence along the way.

I think it has made me a better Manager as well. You have to be calm and authentic around horses; that translates well to the workplace. And sometimes you have to figure things out from the horse’s point of view to move forward. That’s a useful Manager’s Tool too.

So the few moments I spend updating my desktops photo are not wasted. The photos remind me of things I must consider  in my daily interactions.

And they make me smile.

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