A list of things Jigs doesn’t care about

Jigs is comfortable in his skin. He doesn’t spent time worrying about all the things that are not or could have been. Here are a few:

1) His color, sorrel. He knows he’s beautiful.

2) He’s slightly cow hocked. He can move quickly and has no problem herding his mates off their hay (except Woody and Pono, they are MUCH bigger than him).

3) He has no papers listing his sire and damn. He’s here; he’s now; he’s Jigs.

4) He has no clue that the peppermints he loves are really left over Christmas candy canes cut up. They taste good to him.

5) That his winter blanket is purple. It’s not the color he hates- it’s the blanket. He’d rather be a Naked horse.

6) That his halter is all beat up. He hardly ever wears it anyway. Again, he’d rather be a Naked horse.

7) His left ear is split- a brand of some sort. Repeat, he knows he’s beautiful.

8)  He sometimes shifts into a weird gait thing between the trot and canter. Is he gaited? He won’t tell.

9) I can’t get him to side pass. Oh he knows how to do it. I’ve seen him do it in the pasture.

There are many more.

We humans have a lot to learn from our Equine Friends. They don’t fret over things that are not really important. They just are who they are. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could be that way?

Another things that doesn’t bother him…stealing crumbs his barn mates have left behind.

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One Comment on “A list of things Jigs doesn’t care about”

  1. penzance Says:

    1. Don’t we all wish we were so ‘blase’ with our own skins? *grin*

    2. He’s thoroughly confident. Wish we all were. 🙂
    3. Yep — that’s all that matters. He IS. And we “are”.
    4. hehehhehe
    5. Colors can still be uncomfortable in whatever form they take … even if they ARE our ‘favorite”.
    6. But — naked IS!
    7. Absolutely! He is what he is and he’s certainly perfect just the way he is!
    8. Well, he’s entitled to some surprises and secrets now and then!
    9. Teehee — it’s not about the horse! .

    yes — when humans can cross over from left to right hemisphere in their brains and leave their egos behind then there’s no boundaries to who we can be! 🙂

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