The Gelding with a Heart

Jigs has a big heart- on his shoulder. I got carried away with the clippers yesterday waiting for the Vet- So much for any thoughts of a second career as a horse groomer.

Despite the clipper blooper, yesterday was nearly perfect. I got to spend the day hanging with Jigs. We rode in the morning and I groomed him in the afternoon. He got his Spring shots. We’re ready for peak riding season.

It got really windy in the afternoon and one of the trees in the mares’ pasture fell. They were all fairly cool about it even though it came down with loud creaks and snaps. One by one, each of them walked up to sniff it and then stood by as if waiting for someone to come and take it away. They clearly knew it shouldn’t be there.

Jigs was loose when all this happened. He got a bit looky but didn’t do anything stupid. For the most part, Jigs is a spook in place kinda horse. When I walked over to make sure the fence was in place, he followed me, checking too.

If yesterday was nearly perfect; then today was perfect. Jigs and I went north to a clinic at Horse Tenders. We did drill work around parade-like obstacles. Jigs handled it well, except he didn’t want to back up on the bridge after slipping off on the first try. No biggy.

We got to go out on the trails after lunch. There’s still a lot of soft snow on the ground in NH which made the horses step higher. It felt like riding a spring rocking horse.

Horse Tenders trains BLM mustangs and they had quite a few young horses in the pasture. One quirky little 2 year old mare decided to slip under the fence and finish out the ride with us. She galloped around bucking and snorting, daring our horses to run with her. Jigs remained a gentleman, staying steady even when she came up behind him and tagged his butt.

What a wondrous experience. A young mustang free and playful against a mountain tree line is not a sight you see every day. I admit it was a bit unnerving at first. I expected Jigs to take off when she raced by, but he didn’t. He stayed focused on taking care of me.

I was impressed with the way the young mare was handled. No one panicked or tried to catch her. She was allowed to follow us back to her pasture on her own. She clearly loved being the center of attention. It was quite comical.

I do trust Jigs but today, my trust in him grew even stronger. He really is a gelding with heart- not just the one shaved on his shoulder, but mine too!

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