My First Horse

The first horse I owned was a little appy I got at 15. He was a yearling. I know, I know, it’s not the way to do it. But for us it worked.

He wasn’t the first horse though….. I was horse crazy from the time I was two. When I was about 9, the dairy farm behind us acquired a welsh pony mare and her foal. They thought their kids would ride them but not one of the 5 kids were interested. I was.

That mare was n-a-s-t-y. If there was a low hanging branch (and there were plenty), she’d launch herself at a gallop and knock you off. In her world, tree trunks were places to smash knees. If you passed by her too close, you lost a chunk of skin. It would take a bucket of grain and 2 – 2 1/2 hours to catch her. Once, she reared up and went over on me. Luckily neither one of us were hurt. Oddly enough, she never bucked.

I loved her to death.

She taught me to ride (okay, maybe just to hang on and not fall). She taught me that love has to be unconditional. We became good friends.

After I got my little appy, the farmer gave her to a family with kids. She went on to win a lot of blue ribbons (the family could ride) and lived a long life.

Her name was Princess.

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