Spring Wind

I’m a big fat wimp. Two weekends in a row I wimped out of riding on the trails one of the days because it was windy. At 53, I’m more than aware of my mortal frailties. Three years ago Pepper dumped me on a windy day and I broke my ankle in three places.

To be fair to Pepper, he was recovering from a bout of uveitis and I probably should not have been riding him. The wind spooked him and he took off one way and I went the other after a considerable buck. My helmet cracked down the middle when my head hit the pavement.

It’s roughly the same time of year. It’s always windy in early spring.

Not that spring winds are bad; they dry out the mud. And there is always too much mud in New England Springs.

When I was younger, I never noticed the wind. Now the thought of being out in the woods with the potential of a dead tree coming down with a strong gust paralyzes me. I don’t even want to walk, let alone ride, when it’s windy.

But today was warm and it was too nice not to go somewhere with Jigs. We went into Clifford the Big Red Dog mode and took a 2 ½ mile walk, with me leading him. I think he enjoyed it.

And there was only one roadside spook when the wind took a brown bag and pushed it along side us. I have to admit it made me jump too.

Just hanging with Jigs is fine with me. I like to ride, but it is not everything. It’s a good thing, because I’m not the strongest rider.

The truth is that I just love being around Jigs. He’s got a great sense of humor and puts up with my clumsiness. I’m convinced he goes back to his herd buddies and tells funny stories about the stupid things I do, like the time I got my bra stuck on the saddle horn, or when I put his halter on inside out. I can hear him, “you wouldn’t believe what she did this time…”

Today was nice. I chattered on as we walked. He was respectful of my space and limited treat mugging to our breaks. I kept him from eating acorns. I know they are not good for him but he LOVES them.

When we made it around to the trail head, he stopped and looked down the trail then looked at me. “Not today buddy, too windy.” I swear he nodded before we continued up the hill to the barn.

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2 Comments on “Spring Wind”

  1. penzance Says:

    Well, between the wind and the rocks, I’m grounded for a bit … feelin’ no shame! *LOL* Fact is, at just shy of 60 I don’t bounce no more! HA!

  2. heccateisis Says:

    Hey, bouncing is not all it’s cracked up to be. Feet on the ground isn’t that bad…..

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