Weekends in New England or How I spent Mothers Day

I’m sore this morning. Yesterday we finished a 15 mile ride (though I think we got lost and did a bit longer). I was sore before I dismounted. Jigs  wasn’t. He was a bit tired, but really just interested in the grass he could reach from the trailer.

Yesterday was a glorious day. The trails were dry and good for going fast- not that we did much fast.

It was a privately organized ride but the miles counted for NEHT. The food was close to gourmet.  Three kinds of Trifle- had to try them all. Unfortunately a rider fell, but that is not all that unusual and it was handled professionally. The folks that put on the ride did a fabulous job.

It’s amazing how many older folks (even older than me) ride. I hope in 10 years I’m still loading up the trailer on the weekend and heading out.

Being in the woods is magic. We were a little more north than usual yesterday and there were places in the park where the growth was old. Shafts of sun streamed through the trees landing on the floor in dancing patterns. I felt like I was traveling through fairly land.

Last weekend we went in the opposite direction to ride in Goddard Park. It’s early enough in the year that the horses were allowed to ride on the small stretch of beach. The park is along the bay so the waves are almost nonexistent.  Jigs has been there before but he approached the water like it was his first time.

“It smells funny. . . OH” he jumped back from a small ripple like wave.

“Come on Jigs, it’s just water.” I coaxed him forward.

“Snort.” Jump back.

This went on for a while, and then suddenly two horses trotted by in the water splashing us.

“Ok mom,” Jigs moved past the tiny wave.  “I can do it.”

The great thing about living in New England is the variety of the terrain and the weather. We can ride in open fields, deep forests, and sandy beaches. In the winter, there can be 4 feet of snow. The summer can be glorious (though buggy). In winter the trails are transformed to; pardon the cliché, a winter wonderland. Those of us who brave the snow know this.

Hmm…. Where are we going next weekend?

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