At the Barn

Things have been so-so of late.  I can’t seem to get anything right. It’s like my brain is scrambled up and stuck in reverse. Days flush away in a wet swirl. Not pleasant getting older in a world full of younger, smarter and better looking.

Usually I listen to a book on the drive to the barn but tonight only words hit the side of my head without meaning. The road noise of my ancient jeep made more sense.

Blotches of rain dripped from the patchwork of clouds onto the windshield; it suited my mood.

Last night I misplaced my favorite lead line. Where did I drop it?

My mucky riding/paddock boots always stay in the back seat. They are not allowed in the house. My car smells like moldy barn as a result. I don’t mind and mostly don’t notice until someone else rides in the car and reminds me. I shrug off their distaste because I prefer the smell of old hay and horse manure to most things.

The lead rope was in my grooming kit. How did I not remember that?

Jigs saw me padding across the slick wet grass. He lifted his head from his hay and started to walk toward the gate. I heard a low nicker as he broke into a slow jog to reach me.

Things always get better at the barn.

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