NOT Cute

Jigs is cute. Everyone comments on it. Yesterday one of the other boarder’s vet  said to me, “he’s really cute you know.”

Jigs glared at her.

I heard him clearly, “I am most certainly not cute.”

In his mind the “vampire pony” (Alyssa’s moniker for Buddy) is cute.  It’s why he gets away with the run and nip strategy employed with the bigger horses.

I suspect he thinks little Aiden, my 10 month old grandson, is cute too. That’s why he let him poke his nostril the other day.

Jigs thinks of himself as “the super-cool-dude everyone wants to be.” Remember those kids in high school?

If Jigs were a poet (and he may well be), he’d be sporting a black beret and drinking espresso.

Jigs does NOT engage in fisticuffs. He doesn’t need to. His presence is enough. I’ve seen him turn his back on bullies and walk away, the rest of the herd following.

Unfortunately, most humans don’t see that.  They see this cute, well-put-together, sorrel with the split ear. Where ever we go, someone invariably says, “He’s really cute.”

I’ve given up correcting them.

But then again, yesterday he did bring Winter’s fly mask back to the barn and handed it to Alyssa. How cute is that?

Of course he was probably the one who took it off Winter in the first place…..

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3 Comments on “NOT Cute”

  1. Cute is demeaning and charming all at once… maybe why the hook is set in us so deeply…. Good post.

  2. Jen Says:

    In the world according to Shadow (his ‘toon is my avatar), cute is only for foals and minis. If you asked him, I’m sure he would dub himself handsome, studly, and/or awesome, but never (ever) “cute”. Fun post ;o)

  3. Haynet Says:

    Great equestrian blog! Why not come over to and post your blog here too for more to follow at this Equine Social Blogging Network!

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