Riding Lesson

My first riding lesson was this morning. I know I’m not a good rider. I stay on – well most of the time anyway – but that’s about the extent of my equestrian prowess.

In my long life, I’ve only had a few riding lessons here or there. I figured out how to stay on just by doing it. No technique. No knowledge of what the right cues are.

So, this morning I was really nervous as Jigs unloaded from the trailer. My hands were thick as I tried to tack up and it took me a few tries to get the saddle in place. I’m not sure it was right because after the lesson the instructor suggested pulling the pad more forward. It had slid back.

I’m too paranoid about my skills to relax. When Jigs decided he wanted to walk slowly and needed to be PUSHED to stay in a slow jog, I wasn’t surprised. We were crooked. We broke gait. We didn’t listen. We didn’t stop well or stay still. He refused to move sideward off the leg for me or the instructor.

But we jogged. And when he didn’t want to canter and made the snarky ear/face thing, I kept him going. He stayed in gait for two times around the indoor. Well, that was better than at home.

The assessment was what I already knew: I need to be consistent and INSIST he do what I ask the first time. I’m not assertive enough.

I knew that already.

Everyone who knows me knows that. I also know this could be good for me and for Jigs. We need to do these things so we can go on to do other things, like try sorting and penning, like doing well at a versatility test, or even trying a class in a real horse show. It will keep us happier on the trail too.

But is it in my make up to be assertive?

I really hope the new few lessons will tell me that.

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