Riding Lessons

Jigs and I have now had 3 riding lessons. I’m actually feeling improvement. This week he backed through the l-shaped shoot at the barn with ease. His nose was down and he didn’t fight. I didn’t have to push. We both exited the shoot relaxed.

Am I being clearer with my cues? Is it confidence?

We’ll probably sign up for more lessons.

Not sure Jigs is as excited about working in an indoor ring and doing what he is asked with softness and precision.  He’s not grumpy about it but when friends were watching from the benches, he clearly gave them the “save me” eye as he passed.

I have no intent to show other than doing the odd versatility or judged trail ride. The other day we saw some horses being worked western pleasure style at the jog.  It’s not my thing. I’m sure Jigs would hate it. We are more the hack around the trails couple.

But I think there is great value in learning how to be clearer when I cue him. Getting him to yield quietly and with fluidity will improve our partnership. We need to learn these things so one day we might be able to take a beginning penning lesson.

I think Jigs would like that.

So would I.

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