I’m clumsy. And I know you don’t wear anything but hard boots/shoes around horses, although I suspect most folks who are around horses everyday don’t always follow that common sense rule.

But it was hot. We were tired. We’d just returned from an hour and a half trailer ride after finishing a ten mile ride. I was too lazy to get the lead rope so I took Jigs by the halter and walked him back to the field.

My shoes were open on the top and when we both took a step at the same time, we got tangled up in my shoe. The tip of it got stuck on Jig’s front hoof.

It took a moment for us to untangle. No harm done.

Later I went back to check on Jigs. He was out in the field eating his evening hay. He look me over and went right to my foot with his nose- the one that we had the ah hem, accident with, and sniffed it as if to make sure it was alright. He let out a big sigh before returning to his hay.

Now I know he’s a horse. I know I can’t assume his motives or expect that he was concerned about an incident he mostly likely had forgotten. Even if he did remember, he’s not supposed to have human emotions like concern or worry.

But he does. I know he was relieved my foot was okay. No one can tell me otherwise.

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