Lost in the Woods on a Sunday Afternoon (or Humans Can’t be Trained)

The Plan: Get Deliriously Lost on Sunday and See Where We End Up…

We packed lunch and trail halters. We had our smart phones. Endomondo and My Tracks were turned on. We knew there were lots of trails we had never ridden before.  We were going to find try them, or at least a way to get to Upton State or somewhere between.  It didn’t matter where.  We had all day.

The horses had other ideas. They know where the grain is kept.

We headed out around 10. It was hot, but once we got into the woods, the temperature dropped comfortably. The bugs were numerous but both Willow and Jigs had their fly hoods on, so they didn’t seem bothered by them.

We cut out of the pine grove by the cell tower and up Stowe Road. It was early enough that the shooting range was silent. Except for one crazy, want to-be monster truck driver, there was little traffic. After a nice canter behind the field of Christmas Trees we were in the woods.

I had a route in my head that would take us behind Hillside Equestrian, parallel to George Hill Road and over to the High Tension Wires. Beyond that was pure chance.

We got there, despite a wrong turn that brought us back to the road, and started down toward Mechanics Street- virgin territory.

After a turn back to the woods and some bushwhacking and we found the Blue Trail. It was perfect. Just the kind of trail I love, narrow, challenging and winding.

Unfortunately the direction we chose came to a dead end for horse traffic. The narrow foot bridge was not safe for all eight hooves and the chasm was too deep and rocky for safe passage.

BOTH horses perked up when we turned. Willow actually managed a trot. That should have been our first clue.

We took the other direction. Eventually the trail came to a fork with three wide paths. We decided we were lost enough that the horses could choose the way.

Ten minutes later we were back behind the Christmas trees. WHAT? How did that happen?  So much for being lost.

We ate lunch before tackling the trails across from the Christmas Tree Farm. I’d gotten lost on these trails before.  One time we ended up nearly cross town. Cool.

Humans have short memories- again, we let the horses choose. They brought us out to a field which we skirted around until it came to a road. George Hill Road. HUH? The entrance was blocked so we road back to the woods. This time Humans choose the trail.

It doubled back to the road again. We gave up.

As we walked by the field again both horses turned and looked at the blocked entrance and sighed.

“Stupid Humans” they just don’t listen.

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