True North

Despite the rain, today we wandered over to trails that we haven’t been on in at least a year- the ones behind the farm where I used to board Pepper.

They are okay trails, just far enough away that we don’t go there.

The soft rain kept the bugs in check. We saw a deer leap past us and neither Jigs nor Willow spooked. Not a bad day for a ride after all the humidity of the last month.

I assumed we were far enough from the grain room that the horses didn’t know where we were.

As we headed back toward Keith Hill Forest where we usually ride, the horses got their going home attitude on. We had gone longer than planned, so I thought we’d cut below the power lines and travel back Old Upton Road. It is quicker.

Jigs had a better plan. All of a sudden he turned and bushwhacked back into the woods. Curious see what he was thinking, I let him go. Willow followed behind. Sure enough, he found a trail I forgot existed; one that would take us back sooner.

I swear he has only been on that trail once and it was quite a while ago.

Horses are guided by an inner compass. No matter where they are they always know their True North.

What is this magical force, center from which they depart and to which they return? I suspect it is the grain room!

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