Getting Lost Part II

A few Sundays ago, we tried to get lost and find some new trails but our horses outsmarted us and we ended up where we started fairly quickly.

Yesterday was supposed to be a ‘quick’ ride. Our intent was a loop behind Silver Lake and back. I thought I knew of a “short cut” across from Pell Christmas Tree Farm.

So, when we got to a fork in the trail I said go right, even though the horses, ALL THREE OF THEM, tried to drag us left.

After twenty minutes, we had no idea where we were going to end up.

I called home to say I would be later than I planned. (Cell phones can be pretty useful, can’t they?)

The trail took us down steep hills and over wide areas where it was okay to canter, although we stayed at a steady trot. There was a recently built trail bridge that all the horses went over without much drama.

If we weren’t so late, it would have been great.

Eventually the trail came out to the road near the Christmas Tree Farm.


As usual, the horses had been right.

But we did get lost, sort of, for a while.

When I got home, my mother mentioned something about being careful and not having to call someone to find us…

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2 Comments on “Getting Lost Part II”

  1. rontuaru Says:

    I hope you don’t mind that I’m going back in your blog and posting at this late date. I just started a horse blog of my own and I’m sort of catching up by reading horse blogs of others. This entry really made me laugh since the majority of what we (“we” being my husband and myself, albeit usually separately) usually do with our riding time is trail ride. We live in CT right next to a large state forest, so it’s really just a matter of using the resources we have and being too lazy to go anywhere else.

    I can’t tell you how many times this has happened to us, and sometimes it’s literally saved our butts. Once, many years ago, I was (by default) leading a small group on a trail ride and we got horribly lost. I mean, literally almost panicky lost. We hadn’t packed any provisions, it was getting dark and cold and we had been out for several hours before we realized we were off-trail and all turned around. I searched and searched for any sign of something I recognized, but I finally gave my mare her head and lo and behold, she found a section of trail I recognized. This was right after that Blair Witch Project movie came out and while we laughed about being lost afterwords, it wasn’t funny then! (Nobody had cell phones back then. Wouldn’t have mattered, we seldom get GPS or cell signals where we ride)

    My new horse has taken some of the regular trail loops that I ride only once or twice, but now she pauses when we approach the spot where we’d turn off the main trail to take one of those branches. So I know she’s “mapping” out our routes as we go along. On one hand I find that comforting because I hope that if anything ever happened out there, she’d find her way home, but on the other hand it makes me go “Huh?” when she spooks or has some other dramatic response to something I KNOW she’s been past 50 times already. Equine selective memory? 😉

    Great story and pictures!

    • heccateisis Says:

      Sounds like you live in a perfect area! We’ve been lucky and the few nervous moments lost in the woods were short lived.

      I did get lost once in Arcadia in RI. That was scary. Not sure how we lost the trail, but we did. And we were alone. Again, Jigs figured out how to get back to the main trail. The whole episode lasted about 30 minutes, but it was sobering. I kept worrying about the reported mountain lion sightings….. It was shortly after that the one in CT was it by a car.

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