Great Pumpkin Ride

My horse is a good sport. He puts up with my bad ideas (“let’s try this trail”), my clumsiness from his back (“thanks for catching me Jigs”), and my general ignorance about the world in general (vet to me “it’s an abscess, his leg is NOT broken”).

Yesterday his tolerance was tested to the extreme. I thought it would be a good idea to dress him up as a Turkey for the annual Big Pumpkin Ride sponsored by the Grafton Land Trust.

The trails in Grafton are fabulous, primarily because of the dedication of this group. While many of the towns surrounding Grafton have some open space, they do not have the wealth of trails. And toward the east, most of the towns have developed horses out of their communities.

Every year I try to make this ride. Last year Jigs missed it because of the Broken Leg, Abscess.  Neato got to wear the moose antlers and we had a good time. This year, Jigs was healthy and I was inspired. We would represent the spirit of Thanksgiving since our barn were all going as different holidays.

It took me a month to design and assemble the butt-dress (what else can I call it) and then CLICKER TRAIN Jigs to wear it.

Doesn’t he look like a turkey from behind?

It took so long and so much energy to make, I wimped out and bought myself a scarecrow costume at iParty.

We got most creative adult costume at the ride.

While Jigs was okay with the costume, there were a few horses who were terrified of the turkey-horse high-bred. Lakota had to be moved to the other side of the trailer!

The barn tied for first place for best costume group.  Aren’t they all fabulous?

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