Worth his Weight In Gold

Jigs took my 7 year old grandson to an old time show yesterday. Both the 7 yearold boy and the 9 year old Jigs were fabulous. So much so that I trusted Jigs enough to let Caleb ride off the lead line despite the fact we don’t have a kids saddle and he can’t use the stirrups.

Jigs was slow. Jigs was deliberate. He made Caleb work to get it done.

With me he was just Jigs. We moved fluid and placed in all four classes. It felt wonderful after all the maudlin boo hooing I’ve been doing of late.

Someone came up to me and said, “A horse like yours is woth his weight in gold.”

I was beaming. Sometimes we just don’t realize what is in front of us.  We don’t realize it might be enough. Better than enough.

Jigs got an extra apple!

He may also get a new saddle- one that Caleb and Zachary can learn to ride on.

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3 Comments on “Worth his Weight In Gold”

  1. He does sound like he’s worth his weight in gold. What a smart guy. Any horse you can trust with your grandchildren on is very special.

  2. p.s. forget to say congratulations on your ride too!

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