A Good Thursday Night

I canceled Jigs and my last riding lesson last night. It’s been raining and there is mud. The trailer’s left blinker is not working.

The real reason?  I just wasn’t up for the conversation about the draw reins.

Am I a coward?


But the instructor knows a lot more than me.  She’s a successful instructor and well known in the area for Western Pleasure.

I do like her. She has taught me a lot and I respect that. There may come a time when Jigs and I are ready for lessons again.

But I do know what feels right for Jigs and me and that is to learn collection without heavy aids.

It will take a long time. But we are in no hurry.

Last night Jigs hung out by the barn gate looking for attention. He had a quick grooming. He had eaten. But there were humans, even the small ones, still in the barn. He wanted to be with them.

When the humans ignored him, he reached into the barn and grabbed one of the blankets off the stall door and shook it.

The humans all stopped and looked at him.

I swear, he was smiling underneath the blanket hanging from his mouth.

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