Winter Ride or I LOVE My Horse

I love my horse.

Let me rephrase that-  I am in love with my horse.

He occupies 75% of my brain cells and is never far from my thoughts.

Now I know it is unrequited love- horses can’t love in human terms.

But when he greets me with a nicker as he jogs over to the gate; it feels like love.

Yes, I know he’s really looking for a treat. (Most of the time there is one in my pocket.)

I am a realist.

On the trail he takes care of me the way he takes care of the herd. He is the horse the other horses choose to follow because he is so sensible.

Take yesterday’s trail ride as an example, it was snowing fairly hard. The trail was covered by 3 inches of light fluff, the kind that squeaks under foot. The footing beneath the snow was completely concealed. We got to a point where there was a plywood bridge and Jigs REFUSED to step forward.

I kicked. Nothing. I kicked again. Still Nothing. “Come on Jigs,” I pleaded as I slapped his but with the trail latigos. He backed up a step.

With a big sigh, I got down to lead him and the other horses with us over it.

My foot touched ground and went out from under me.

It was pure ice.

I went down on my right knee pushing Jigs sideways. He slipped but managed to slide away from me.

It could have been a disaster.

This was a part of the trail which is not known for water.

Jigs just knew.

We bushwhacked around the bridge.

Elle the pony followed him and we made it in one piece. Willow insisted on going a different way and fell through ice scraping the skin off both shins. Poor thing.

On the way back we cut across the water line road letting Jigs pick his way. He did this by sniffing along the ground to ‘nose’ the best way forward. Did he smell ice? Water?

There were times he chose a way I thought was potentially slippery but wasn’t.

Not sure how he did it.

I’d like to say his was the best route, but he didn’t see the two trees fallen across the road further down. I did. I should have forced him to go the blue trail, but I felt I owed a decision to him.

I’ve been thinking about this…. As partners we should complement each others strengths and weaknesses. He knew the bridge was too icy to be safe and let me know by balking. I saw the trees; he didn’t. In a way I let him down by not making him go a different way.

But I trusted him to keep us safe and go around the fallen trees.

And he did.

How could I not be in love with Jigs?

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6 Comments on “Winter Ride or I LOVE My Horse”

  1. Yeah, people need to learn to trust their horses more. 🙂 Would you post this, or may I, to PENZANCE’s I can copy and post with a few added comments of my own if you wouldn’t mind? Of course, linked right back here if you want, too. 🙂

    • In fact, after I post this I’ll post a very poignant story about Bub way back when …. and then ask others to share their own stories! I’ll post to PENZANCE HORSEMANSHIP on FB, too? I think its important that people do realize that horse’s DO protect us when we need it … especially when we’ve reached a full partnership with them. And you certainly have with Jigs … YOU GO, GIRL! Good for you and Jigs! 🙂

    • heccateisis Says:

      Feel free to copy it. I’d be flattered! Thank you.

      Jigs is my guy! Today we went out in the woods bareback and had a blast. I am so lucky!

  2. Ranch Saddle Says:

    Your title could be, Winter Riding With My Beloved. 🙂

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