Smarter than an average………

Two weeks ago it was in the 70s- near 80 on one day.  The herd has almost shed out.

Then the cold returned.

And unfortunately, spits of snow from above.

So out came the blanket Friday night.

Jigs H-A-T-E-S the blanket.

(In fairness to me, I only make him wear it when he is going to be out in the wet.)

Saturday morning was rainy and cold. I was running late and didn’t get to the barn to take off his blanket until afternoon.

There was Jigs, no blanket.

Hmmm….  Stormy still had his.  Spotty too.  And Willow. And Elle.  And Angel.


Worried Jigs had managed to rip it off in the field, I checked the stall door.

It was folded neatly over the blanket hanger.

Later I received the following email:



So the brilliant creature that Jigs is, he is able to ask to be naked.


Carolyn asked me to toss the crew out, if it cleared up. The boys had to wait for the compost loading to be finished. Jigs spent this time talking. A lot!! He was louder the closer I was. I looked in on him in case something was wrong.


All was OK, but he would touch his chin to his chest then talk a ton. When I clearly did not understand what he was saying, he resorted to biting his blanket /talking and repeating this multiple times.

When I said, do you want your blanket off, I swear he nodded. When he was naked, he let out a big sigh and licked my hand.


How frustrated he must be that humans are so slow! lol



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