Of Baths, and Fly Masks, and Warm Spring Days


We have another off property ride tomorrow and I want us to look our best. I even cleaned up the saddle.  Gotta love Spring Cleaning at the Barn.

When Jigs was relatively dry I turned him out into the pasture. Normally he is patient and allows me to put on his fly mask but today he was off to drop and roll in the dirt before I had a chance.

I trailed after him with the mask and a sigh. So much for riding a clean horse tomorrow.

“Don’t bother to get up on my account Jigs,” I said as I approached the horse who was now upside down, feet skyward.

He didn’t.

Mask now on, he continued his after bath roll.

Jigs enjoys a good roll. He lets everyone know with grunts of pleasure and frequent farts.

He got up, shook off the excess dirt, and walked over to Lucky.

Lucky is a relatively new horse in the herd. He’s a sorrel like Jigs but bigger and more timid.  He also likes to play.

Jigs seldom plays.  He nipped at Lucky’s cheek vigorously.

“Take it off.”

Lucky nipped back.

“TAKE IT OFF” Jigs insisted with bared teeth.

They jousted with their mouths until Lucky finally grabbed the Velcro and the mask was off.

Jig immediately turned and walked off to graze.

My grandson was watching from the gate.

“Jigs is pretty smart,” he observed.

I nodded in agreement as I let myself back into the pasture to get the mask that was now on the ground.

“Too smart, if you asked me.”

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