Fly Mask Revisited

After a short ride around the Pine Grove, I put Jig’s new fly mask on and turned him out.

He immediately found the right spot and started rolling.

Lucky strolled over to watch the Jigs’ show. From the back, Jigs doesn’t look like he’ll make it completely over, but with a squirm, he always does.  I have to admit, it’s kinda fun to watch.

Jigs stood up, shook off 10 pounds of dirt and turned to Lucky.

“Take it OFF.”

Usually Jigs is chasing him off a pile of hay or the water trough so Lucky approached him cautiously.

Jigs thrust his cheek into Lucky’s nose.


I watched as Lucky worked the new Velcro.

He nearly got it loose before I yelled, “Oh no you don’t.”

Jigs and Lucky froze.

“That mask better be on in the morning.”

Lucky backed away from Jigs a little too nonchalantly.

“I mean it,” I growled.

Jigs glared at me before moving off to graze, mask still in place.

My guess is by breakfast, it will be somewhere in the pasture- nowhere near Jigs.

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