Equine Counselor

Mexico City is 2,800 miles from my house.

Planes never take off from Logan on time.

Flights get missed.

Stuck in Atlanta there is an emergency at home.

I can’t be there.

But Home is 2,800 miles from Mexico City.

Popocatepet disrupts air traffic and there is another delay.

Long lines at security in Atlanta nearly make me miss my connecting flight.

But a miracle, I get to the gate just as boarding starts.


Nothing is right.

I’m crabby?

Who wouldn’t be?

Three days of travel.

My dad’s in a nursing home, for rehab, we hope.

I don’t want to talk.

I don’t want to listen.

I’m more than cranky. I’m the “B” word.

My mother to me:  “Will you just go see your horse? You’ll be in a better mood afterwards.”

She was right.

I came home refreshed.

Imagine that?

Jigs can add counselor to his resume?


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