Wah Wah More Human Emotion

Humans have an unwavering propensity toward anthropomorphizing. We have an innate need to see ourselves reflected in the world around us. Maybe it is hubris.

Or is it anti-empathy? We expect outside of us to be a reflection of the inside of us.

Saturday I lost my connection with Jigs.

He didn’t trust me enough to cross the sprinkler obstacle. Not only did he refuse; he gave me ATTITUDE

My feelings were hurt. I thought he TRUSTED me. But nope, he was having none of the water obstacle.

Jigs had no intention to hurt my feelings (just typing this makes me feel like a whinny six year old). He’s a horse. He was only reacting to something scary. Sprinklers aimed at ankles are not natural in the environment.

But, other horses did it willingly.

We  worked on it after the show was over. He did cross it, but not willingly. Not once willingly.

I left the barn edgy and uncomfortable.

I couldn’t shake the feeling. It was a game, supposed to be fun. I wasn’t having fun.

Early evening I went back to the barn to check on him.  The geldings were in the back field so I walked out to see them.

Jigs saw me, lifted his head, whinnied, and trotted to me. I had the halter with me but didn’t put it on. He walked beside me to the gate.

This is not typical Jigs behavior. Jigs does not whinny at me. He does not trot to me or follow me across the pasture without a lead rope. He is ABOVE these behaviors.

Yesterday I told the barn manager about it. She commented that he “seemed like he was sulking” at feeding time and “he just wasn’t himself.”

Sulking is a human emotion. He couldn’t have been sulking, could he? Only humans sulk.

To quote Jigs, “Big sigh.”

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5 Comments on “Wah Wah More Human Emotion”

  1. Fay Mowry Says:

    Maybe he thought better of not making the sprinkler obstacle without your nudge and wanted to tell you. I bet he was having a hard time finding the words.

  2. If one thinks of horses as just like we are … spiritual beings but in fur suits … then its not hard to interpret their emotions, either. 🙂
    I don’t think that’s anthropomorphism — I think it is what it is.

    • heccateisis Says:

      He sure acts like he’s human at time. Saturday he sneaked up on Alyssa and stole her giant oatmeal cookie. He snatched it so quickly and snarfed it down before anyone to correct him. He was gentle but fast. I swear he was laughing at her!

      • alyssa Says:

        He was laughing, so was I! And this is why I adore him. Very different then my girls, but lots of fun. He is hilarious and he knows it. He also knew, he would get away with swiping the cookie. Jigs knows I appreciate his humor 🙂

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