Equine Massage

The boys have been taking lessons on Jigs. He’s been good sport for the most part, albeit a reluctant one requiring much leg and correct cueing.

I love watching the lessons but I can’t stand by the fence because Jigs tries to drag them over to me as he gives me the “save me” eye.

Jigs detests any tugging on his mouth; the boys learning to trot has been a source of frustration to him. A bit of tail wagging and popping into trot has been the worst of it. Poor long suffering Jigs.

Last night I traded in my riding lesson for a massage for Jigs. I THOUGHT it would be a treat for him.

I FORGOT that Jigs is not a touchy feely kinda guy.

And it was FEEDING time.

“Where’s the hay?  How come the guys are out back eating hay and I’m not?  Where’s my apple?  Don’t touch my ears. Nothing in the pocket? Really?

“Stop pulling on my tail.  You want this foot?  Hey, that tickles. There? Stop it…


“Yeah, right there….”

Jigs yawns.  He yawns again and drops his head. “Ahhhh…

“Almost worth teaching the boys to ride….

I said, ALMOST.”

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2 Comments on “Equine Massage”

  1. whiskeytangofoxtrot4.wordpress.com Says:

    I just had the best chuckle… I LOVE the “save me eye”….seen it sooo many times…. also your “horse voice ” is priceless…. Thank you for the great read.

  2. heccateisis Says:

    Thanks. Jigs is quite vocal…..

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