Of Saddles and Weird Gaits

We are on saddle # 5. “Big sigh,” to quote Jigs.

The one he won in November doesn’t fit- the bars are too long for his short back.  We ended up getting a Tucker Vista Endurance.

I feel like I’ve come full circle. Pepper’s old Tucker High Plains was Jigs’ first saddle, but it was too narrow. Two saddles didn’t fit DESPITE saddle fitters and chiropractor advice. Another one I got at auction and never rode in it because it, DIDN’T FIT at all. It’s still in the cellar. I sold the first two. I’m keeping the one we won because it’s tooled with the championship.

I don’t feel bad (except for the $$), my butt wanted the Tucker anyway. It’s a nice saddle. Plain. No tooling so easy to clean. It’s got gaited bars: plenty of room for shoulder movement. His trot is more fluid in it. 

AND, oddly enough, Jigs has been gaiting- a pacey type thing that none of us can figure out. He did it occasionally before, but couldn’t hold it. Now he seems to prefer it.

It is FAST. The other horses have to CANTER to keep up. When they do, he kicks into another gear and pulls away….. I swear I hear him laughing.

It is COMFORTABLE to ride. I can easily sit it a high speeds. Good thing.

But it has resurfaced an old question in my mind… JUST WHAT THE HECK IS JIGS?

Vet puts quarter horse on all his paperwork. He looks like one, sort of- except his head. He muscles up like one. But in the grand scheme of things, does it matter?

South Hadley MA

South Hadley MA

He’s a good boy.



And the gaiting thing may end up being a bonus.

I hope this is the last saddle I buy for a while…..

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