Wild Stallions (or so they think)

Jigs and his two herd mates have been moved to the front pasture.  The boys now can be seen from the road. I think they enjoy hamming it up. Typical bachelors.

Yesterday morning they decided to be the chestnut stallion gang, running and bucking around the field. It was a great show – fun to watch, unless you have to catch one of them and load him on a trailer.

To be fair, it rained hard the night before, hard enough that I had to vacuum water out of the cellar. They were inside all night and had just been let out.

Then I pulled the trailer out.  Jigs sauntered to the far side of the pasture in an attempt to hide from it.  Lucky and Big Man followed, as usual. Soon they were playing tag.

I calmly walked into the pasture holding Jigs’ halter and lead rope.  Normally Jigs comes up to me. Not this time. He turned toward me, snorted and literally “high tailed” himself away at a gallop.

By now the mares were watching the show, breakfast hay hanging out of their mouths.

We really needed to get going.  I thought for a moment.  What to do?

I went back to the barn, grabbed a half empty bag of treats and returned to the show.

Jigs and Lucky were still flying round, pawing and rearing at each other. Big Man was cantering behind them in an attempt not to be left out.

I shook the bag.

They all stopped and turned toward me.  TREATS?!?

That was the end of the chestnut stallion game.

“What cha got there?”

Jigs slipped his head into the halter.


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