It’s dark at 5 again. Where did the year go?

We ended the season with an ACTHA ride Saturday and the Eastern Regional Trail Ride on Sunday.  Mixed results. We ribboned at the ACTHA ride but there was a mix up due to a tie. I should have been 5th or 6th, but was given the 4th place ribbon. The ride could have been organized better.

Ta Da

Sunday was, well…  Winning the year before made me tense. I was worried we would bomb the obstacles and we did. Self fulfilling prophecy. We were horrible. Jigs was, well, he lived up to his name, rushing through everything to hurry up and catch friends.

It started with THE GATE.

Last year it opened from the left side. We can side pass pretty well to the right and did the gate almost perfectly. This year it opened from the right, requiring a side pass left. It’s our weak side. I knew it. He knew it. The result wasn’t pretty. At North Brookfield, if you can’t do the gate, you can’t do well.

That was pretty much the case for the rest of the obstacles.  And in between, there was no still. We battled the whole ride.

It was not fun.

I have thought a lot about it since Sunday. I think I felt pressured to do well and couldn’t relax. The year before we were just foolin’ (horsin’) around. We joyfully played through the obstacles. The judges saw that and our scores reflected a relaxed horse and rider having fun.

Sunday, I was tense, so he was tense.

My issue, not his.

We have lots of stuff to work on this winter.

“Big sigh” says Jigs.  “More leg yields….”

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