Almost Winter

Winter is almost here. It’s an old story of early darkness, glasses full of deep red whine wine, and early turn ins. (Yawn)

Blah Blah Blah….

The year will turn. Light will return. We will ride again.

But for now, it is snowing…

With Jigs’ winter coat, white hairs have comeback- behind the shoulder, along his spine and loin. Like last year.

Big sigh.

I think his new saddle fits. It’s got shorter, gaited bars (23 ½”). He absolutely floats when he kicks into his high gear at the trot- beyond extended.  But still, I worry. It has more rock than his old saddles.

Another Big sigh.

Saddle #5….

It was 14 degrees today. Fahrenheit. We did the Pine Grove loop with friends. It was laid back and slow except Jigs was THE naughty sorrel pony, refusing to stand still for mounting and spooking at a white van.

Really Jigs?

I swear he laughs at me….


Either that or he was getting back at me for forgetting to bring the apples I bought for him for winning some ribbons a few weeks ago.


He knows.

He always knows.

The family and I leave for Disney next Thursday.  9 of us!  The logistics of it is daunting: 4 kids (one of them a month old), my mother, my two daughters and a son-in-law.

It’s supposed to be 82 degrees when we get there. (Did I say it was 14 degrees today?)

I must say I’m looking forward to the sun.

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