Second Place

Jigs and I have been practicing on cantering between obstacles.  Today we managed to pick up the canter from a standstill with little effort. Two years ago I would never have imagined we could do that.

We’ve been attending local versatilities in preparation for two upcoming fairs.  We never finish first but usually ribbon.  Our times are too slow for speed events and I’m okay with that.

A few weekends ago Jigs and I were in first place through three rounds.

The last rider was fast but her horse was not cooperating and my time stood.  She decided to pay for another round since a trophy was at stake.

Her horse went through the first half of the course beautifully and it looked like they were going to beat our time by at least 45 seconds.  One of the obstacles was to switch balls from cones, but she came into it too fast and dropped the ball.  It was an led ball that flashed blue when it it the ground.

Our time held.

The rider paid for another round. I sighed, “let’s go untack Jigs, I think I have some carrots.”

We finished second.

It happened again today.  We finished second.

For me it is not about ribbons or a $6 trophy; it is about getting better.

We don’t compete against others; we compete against ourselves.  Our goal today was to canter between obstacles and we did.

I’m proud of my guy!  Like proverbial wine, we are getting better with age, albeit a little slower than everyone else!


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3 Comments on “Second Place”

  1. Robert Says:

    Good for you! You’re doing really well! I’m sure second place must be frustrating, because it sounds as though you’re working very hard and taking your efforts seriously. But the cool thing about second is it keeps you trying, maintains your determination. I’m glad you’re happy about the advances you’ve made with Jigs, and wish you all the best in your next outings together.

  2. heccateisis Says:

    Thanks. I don’t really mind second place. I am not a speed demon. I don’t enjoy going fast so I have resigned myself to it. We do other versatilities which are judged and ACTHA rides. With these events finesse is more important.

    In ACTHA speed is not an element; in the other type speed is equal to one obstacle and we have had some success there. For me it is all about getting better.

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