Trick Training

The hard winter was followed by a difficult spring.  My insecurities didn’t help, but I am healthy, alive, and looking ahead to summer.  Looking ahead…

As we age, options narrow. We get regret.  One day we wake  and realize we are not young in a world that prizes only youth. The face in the mirror is not the face in our mind; it is, unfortunately, the face others see.

Scavenger  Hunt 2015

Steady Jigs kept me grounded through all the drama and fear.  We’ve attended a few rides and versatilities. We’ve ridden in the ring and on the trail.

AND we’ve been practicing the “HAT TRICK.” I drop the baseball cap, he picks it up and hands it to me. We’ve been working this for almost 2 years on the ground. This week, he finally handed it to me on his back.  It wasn’t an accident, he did it 4 times and again last night when the ring was crowded with other horses!

I don’t know what the future will bring. I can’t control what happens around me, only my response to it. But I do know, even those of us who are not young, whose faces are lined and sagging, whose bodies are thicker, slower, can still teach the world a trick or two.

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