Summer Plans


End of June- another vacation week gloriously squandered. Jigs is looking good, much fitter than last year at this time, although we are still struggling with the remains of white line in his front left.  The abnormally dry weather has not helped. He is sound, but I am taking precautions and riding with boots. A healthy dose of paranoia is not unwarranted.


Our plans for summer are focused on trails.  I bought a Garmin Vivosmart HR GPS watch that uploads our rides to Garmin Connect. I’ve been using it in parallel with Endomondo. Tracked miles do not match but are close.  I really like the watch but have years of miles stored on Endomondo.  Also Garmin Connect does not have a social sharing feature and is limited to Garmin owners, which none of my friends are, so for now, I will use both.

I also acquired a “free” Garmin Montana 600. It took me a while (and some help from a friend’s husband) to figure out how to record tracks. Now I have to find a way to upload them to my computer! The 600 is much bulkier than the watch but I suspect more accurate in deep woods.  I’m looking forward to downloading trail maps for future adventures.  So many trails to explore!

spencer ride

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