Of Bunnies and Dragons

This blog was started to capture my journey with horses. Returning to this passion later in life has given me moments of joy and, at times, although thankfully few, of despair.

That is how it is with animals who are not as long lived as humans. I am getting older. So is Jigs. The plan is for us to have another 10 years of adventure.

My tendency is to obsess over every little thing. My brain fixates on the worst possible scenario. A small bump becomes life-threatening.

I cannot relax.

Jigs lives in each moment. Startled by a bunny, he spooks, forgets it a moment later, and resumes grazing. Acceptance.

Comfortable in his own skin; I am not. Consumed by what ifs, the small bunnies become huge dragons.


Everything I have read is that horses mirror our state of mind, yet Jigs appears immune to my neuroses. This puzzles me.

Unfocused, my passion can be erratic, uncontrollable and damning.  Has he become so impervious to my waves of unrelenting energy that he has tuned me out?

I want to be better a better partner. One who celebrates the baby steps and silences the roaring in my head.  I want to stop wanting and just be. 

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