When a Blue Ribbon is an Epic Fail


A few weeks ago, Jigs placed first at a versatility. It was totally unexpected and not our best performance…ahem… well, not MY best performance. I took him off course and totally skipped an obstacle.  Not sure how we won our division….

What is worse is I rode the course and 4 trail miles without my helmet. When someone asked where it was at mile 2, I froze. My brain was foggy.  I went back and retrieved it from my truck to finish the second loop.

Riding without a helmet is a huge NO for me. I have fallen enough times to know its value. When I flew off Pepper onto the pavement, my Troxel was cracked front to back.  That would have been my head.

And there was the time I got bucked off hard and ended up in the ER with a bruised hip. That night I had also forgotten my helmet but remembered as I started to mount. I ran back to the barn to get it. Who knows what would have happened if I had not?

Riding with a helmet is my rule.

I have been struggling with Vertigo over the last month. One episode was so bad my daughter took me to the ER. A saline drip and a few meds got me through that frightening morning.

A follow up visit to my doctor resulted in removal of wax and another appointment to check on my blood pressure. I have been doing exercises to help reposition the crystals in my ears, but the dizziness is recurring.

My daughter who is an ER medic has been taking my blood pressure almost daily. Seems like I may suffer from white coat syndrome as it is still high but not dangerously high as it was in the ER and the Doctor’s office.

I suspect my physical issues reflect the world around me. 2020 has been stressful for EVERYONE. I must keep reminding myself how lucky I am. Maybe that is why I do not feel like I earned a blue ribbon for a less than perfect performance- even though Jigs was joyful on the course.


My problems are first world. I have food, a place to live, and a horse to ride, while others wait in line for hours to get a box of food so their families can eat.

Thanksgiving is approaching. I will focus on being thankful. The undeserved blue ribbon is a reminder of how lucky I have been in this long, stressful year.

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6 Comments on “When a Blue Ribbon is an Epic Fail”

  1. troylnorris Says:

    Enjoyed reading this post! Congratulations to you and Jiggs for your blue. The judges saw a better performance than you were seeing in your head!

    Glad you are vigilant about helmets — I am with you on this!

    Yes, we have much to be thankful for. My husband and I were just discussing that very subject this morning.

    Would love to share your post on Top Trail’s forum—with your permission of course.

  2. heccateisis Says:

    I would be delighted! Feel free to share! And yes, Helmets are not optional…

  3. Unless you broke the rules or bribed the judge, your blue is deserved. You went in. You did your thing. You accepted the results. If your thing wasn’t as good as you would like, think of it as bread landing butter side up. Makes up for all the times it lands the other way.

  4. Sue Ann (Suna) Kendall Says:

    Hi! Glad I found your blog. I’m big on helmets, too, but agree that this year has left a lot of us foggy.

  5. heccateisis Says:

    Yes, let’s hope 2021 is better! Happy New Year.

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