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Spring has brought with it an opening. Or perhaps it is the rising vaccination rate. I am starting to get excited about riding again. The past few months I have found every excuse not to ride, but better weather and two off-property events, improved my confidence. I get my second Covid shot this week. It is freeing.

Two weekends ago, Jigs and I attended our first organized ride of the season.  Last year, due to Covid restrictions, the number of riders were limited. There were nearly 100 riders this year. It was fun catching up with people and horses we have not seen since before Covid. And it helped that Jigs was a perfect gentleman despite the crowded trails.

Douglas State Forest Massachusetts

Saturday Jigs and I participated in a mountain trail clinic. Jigs was delighted when he saw the course. Ears forward, he studied each obstacle. I’d forgot how much he enjoys them.

Mountain Lane Farm, Temple, New Hampshire

The trail course is one of only a few in the northeast. It is an hour and a half from our barn, but taking the clinic is a requirement to use the course. They want to ensure riders can navigate obstacles safely. The first forty-five minutes of the clinic was focused on in hand. I must admit, Jigs and I were a little rusty, but we got through it.  Once mounted, Jigs was in the zone, easily going over obstacles without hesitation- even the wobbly suspension bridge!

Suspension Bridge
Water Dismount and Mount

After the clinic, the clinician took us on a short trail ride up the side of the mountain behind the facility. The view was incredible.

Looking back from half way up

Now that we have taken the course, we can sign up for the play days and compete in events. I’m really looking forward to going back, and maybe even competing!

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