New Trailer

After two years of deliberation and hesitation, I purchased a new trailer! Analysis paralysis much?

The Brenderup was older, and I was tired of dealing with a ramp. Finding a two-horse step up with tack room was my goal; finding one in stock was the challenge. Global supply chain issues have created inventory shortages across many industries, including trailer manufacturers.

First Event

I started to look for a trailer two years ago, found one that was suitable, though not perfect.  I hesitated and then Covid hit. When my search resumed, inventory was scarce and prices high. I was about to buy a three-horse stock combo, much bigger than I needed, when on a whim, I called a Featherlite dealer in a neighboring state. They had one remaining brand-new but older model on the lot- their last enclosed horse trailer with a large tack room. Nervous about putting down a deposit without seeing it, I took a chance. In person it was better than I hoped. The tack room is HUGE. I can put a cot in there and it has a camp door. This will be handy for camping.

New Trailer

This model has a manger with the saddle rack under it. Some do not like the design, but it enables the larger tack room and more storage. The step-up is easier for me to manage with double doors. Jigs was already accustomed to getting in and out of a step up; it was a matter of getting over the new trailer smell and a few sessions to familiarize him with stepping back out.

It tows smoother than the Brenderup but backing up is quite different. I’m still getting used it. Going from a narrow one horse to a wider two horse takes practice.

I have taken the trailer to a few rides.  At the end of month, we will be going out of state for a week of “glamping”. I had three fans installed for the trip. Two in the horse area and one in the tack room. The tack room is now hooked into a back up battery so that the fan and light can be used when not hooked up to the truck.

Now what autumn events to attend?

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4 Comments on “New Trailer”

  1. CobJockey Says:

    Exciting!! I would love more pics if you care to share in a future post, I love seeing different trailers and this one sounds interesting.

  2. Jeff Chapman Says:

    Congratulations. Glad you finally got what you wanted, Have fun! Regards, Jeff

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