Return to Otter Creek

Jigs and I spent a week with friends in upstate New York at the Horse Camps at Otter Creek. It is glamping at its best!

The Pony and Me

Each day was an adventure as we explored new trails, getting lost more than once, despite excellent trail markings. Turns out unmarked trails are “illegal”.  It was unseasonably cool for August so there were zero bugs.

Which Way?

This summer has been rainy; the water is high and fast. We crossed Otter Creek. It was slippery but everyone made it back safely. If I get the opportunity to return, I would like to ride the lower half of the trails where there are more bridges and water crossing.

River Crossing

Jigs was well behaved despite his penchant for puddle spooking. My solution was to trot him through every puddle on the trail. Pretty soon he got the hang of splashing his buddies.

There is a Mennonite community in the area, and we passed several horse-drawn carriages trotting down the highway. I am amazed at how unphased their horses were by cars passing at 50 MPH.

We spoke to a local horse owner who moved near Otter Creek to be close to the trails. Like many places we ride, non-horse people want the horses banned from the trails. We stopped for a runner on the trails who made a comment about the horses getting in the way of his run. My thought was that since the trail network was developed for equestrians, and are maintained in part by them, that other users are fine sharing with horses, silly me. Just like in Massachusetts, trail riders are the minority and not all welcome them.

The drive was 5 ½ hours each way, crossing over the Hudson River. I’m getting the hang of driving the larger trailer and it tows easily. We stopped halfway to offer water and feed the humans. Jigs self-loads and is getting more comfortable stepping out.

Water Break
Truck Stop

I can’t wait for our next adventure!

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