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2019 Prospective

December 30, 2018

End of December is the time for retrospectives of the year. A lot of the bloggers I follow have posted theirs already. One stated that blogs are old school and announced she is moving to other venues, pod casts, on line classrooms, for a fee. The free blog will remain, but I wonder for how long. Everyone must make a living. I get that.

Rather than looking back, I am looking toward 2019. Disclaimer-despite my fondness for Tarot, I am not clairvoyant. Expectations may or may not be realized. There will be hardships. There will be moments of joy. My hope is joy will out weight hardships.

And what are my expectations?

I expect to laugh and cry with those I love. I expect to continue preparing for retirement. I expect to ride Jigs down new trails. I expect to attend horse events, lessons, cow sorting, versatility, maybe a show if I get brave. I expect to win a few ribbons. Maybe.

Missing are my wished-for things: economic stability, a truck, Jigs at home with me, a finished book of poetry, 40 years in the making.


On January first, I will take down the ribbons Jigs won in 2018 and put away the memories of our successes, near successes, and yes, failures.

The space above his stall will be empty- a proverbial blank slate- a space for realized possibilities that will become 2019.

Happy New Year’s!


Jigs Gets to Try COWS!

December 18, 2011

Yesterday I kept a promise to Jigs; he got to chase COWS.

Jigs LOVED it!

There was no fear of the adolescent critters they used for the beginner penning clinics. He walked right into them and once he figured out that I WANTED him to chase them, he was on it!

No Fear

We both had fun. We had a great instructors with Helen and Violet who had done this before and showed us what to do. (Thank you!)

Jigs and Violet Moving the Cows

This was the reason we took lessons this summer.

Both Jigs and I are a stronger. Our turns are more nimble. I am more centered when he moves out or to the side.

I’m more confident; he’s more confident in me.

We trust each other. (Do everyone else’s horses doze with them on their backs when standing still?)

After the clinic more than one person commented to me about Jig’s having shown some ‘cow sense.’

But as wonderful as it was for Jigs and me, Jigs’ barn mate Willow impressed all of us. She’s a 20 something Arab/Quarter cross who has been called ‘spooky’ by some.  She was a last minute addition to the day when one of our party canceled.

Alyssa was skeptical about coming.

She didn’t need to be.

Willow’s quarter horse blood surfaced in a big way!

Willow and Angel

Willow and her partner, Angel, got the cow thing right away. When they told the cows to move; they moved.

Angel and Will getting the cow with Jigs providing advice

Then again might just be a bossy mare thing…  after all, they have had lots of practice moving CJ around the field!