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Of Horses and Parenting

January 12, 2011

So I didn’t do a great job raising my kids. That’s obvious.

I never set consistent limits. I spoiled them and made things way too easy for them. I just wanted them to like me. My own insecurities and immaturity got in the way of good parenting.

I worry about making the same mistakes as a horse owner. I so want Jigs to like me. I have to remind myself not to over treat and to always expect the appropriate behaviors.

Leadership is critical to having a good relationship with your horse.

Horses, like children, need consistent boundaries. Like children, horses will test boundaries and respect you for maintaining them. A horse that is allowed to get away with bad behavior may not be safe to be around and will likely end up in an unsafe situation.

A spoiled child will have problems as an adult.

I wish I had known that when my children were younger. They are adults now; it’s too late to fix my parenting mistakes, but I will strive to do better with my horse.