Heat Wave

The heat has finally broken!  Last night was the first real night that I could sleep.

There’s no air conditioning in the house where I’m staying. My mother, who just turned 80, says she doesn’t need it. I offered to buy her one of the portable types.  (Windows are too small for a window model). She refused. They are now sold out.

So the last 7 plus days have been unbearable.  Neither of us slept well and we both were cranky.

I took Friday as a vacation day but it was 99 F. Riding was out.

Jigs was wet with sweat. He wasn’t eating his hay. He seemed to enjoy being hosed down. So not Jigs.

Saturday we rode at Tyrone Farm.  Ride out at 8 was early enough to do the 6 miles and be back before the full heat. It wasn’t too bad. Of course, it wasn’t as hot as Friday.

Tyrone Farm in CT is gorgeous- something out of a story book or a magazine. They served us brunch on a garden patio surrounded by flowers and hummingbirds.  I will definitely ride there again.

Yesterday we explored the Warren Brook trails.  The bugs were not too bad and it was a nice 9 mile jaunt.  Now that the heat has broken, I plan on getting back to a regular schedule of trails.  Two rides next weekend- weather permitting.

View from the trails

View from the trails

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