Getting Old

My body is aging. I’m getting that thick in the middle look. Belts don’t work for me any more. They make me look like a sac of oatmeal. Not pretty.

Some Most mornings it hurts to get out of bed.

The past two Thursday nights, Jigs and I attended practice sessions for barrels and poles. We trotted sedately around them saving a light canter for the ‘run’ to the finish. I had a blast. Jigs couldn’t understand why we couldn’t gallop the patterns.

After all, the young ones ran through at a gallop, using the indoor walls to stop.  Jigs made it clear he wouldn’t mind that.

Yesterday Jigs and I were warming up at Versatility and he tripped at the trot. He went down on both front knees, nearly somersaulting with me on his back. He had to kick into a lope to get righted. I stayed on but, I admit it, it frightened me. I’m still wondering if I looked down and caused him to drop his shoulder.

I spent twenty minutes pestering everyone whether he was ‘off.’ He wasn’t, and when I asked for a lope he leaped into a fast canter. It felt like he was going to  buck but it wasn’t a buck. He really can move off when he gets his hind end under him.

We managed a solid 2:28 through the obstacles- enough for 4th place.. It’s as fast as we can go at a trot.

The ‘pros’ go through the course at a canter, their horses stopping, high headed, open mouthed with frustration at having to stop.

I really don’t want to put Jigs through that, but a soft lope and quick stop would be okay. A bit faster would be better. But not too fast.

I’m getting old. My body is no longer able to hold its own. I worry about breaking. So we go slowly and T-R-O-T.

Poor Jigs. He really wants to go more than a
bit faster.

Getting old really sucks.

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