December Blues

December is the dark month. I leave for work just after it starts to get light and return home well after dark. Time to get things done is more compressed. Without the light, I feel like I’m in hibernation.

Some days I am overwhelmed by the dark.

By the time I get to the barn Jigs is eating in the field. Sometimes he comes to the gate to visit; other times he ignores me.

I don’t blame him. It is colder and he needs his hay to keep warm.

There are 31 days in December.

Despite this hibernation/lack of ride time, Jigs is still Jigs.  He’s been really girthy lately and I believe he has outgrown his saddle- white hairs have reappeared (he had them last year when his winter coat grew out and had them when I got him).  His back isn’t sore and the vet said it is roaning (he has roaning on his face and sprinkling of white hairs on his body) but I owe it to Jigs to make sure his saddle is right for him. If the saddle I won doesn’t fit when it arrives, I’ll buy a new one, possibly a Tucker. In the mean time, it’s back to the thinner pad. Jigs is definitely wider and more muscular than he was a year ago.

After all, Jigs is the wonder pony!  Last weekend he participated in a Versatility with two 11 year olds and took 1st and 2nd place in the Junior division! (Our own time time only good enough for 4th place in the adult division.)

One of the boys has years of experience riding and he and Jigs took first place with a respectable time. The other, my grandson, has only been riding for a few months. Jigs’ demeanor with him was careful and deliberate. He seemed to adjust to Zac’s experience level making sure Zac was safe and had fun!

I know I’m repeating myself, but Jigs is the best. He doesn’t have fancy papers or even know his lineage; he isn’t flashy being a sorrel; but he has great heart!

So if he prefers his hay to me, I’m okay with that…..

jon with jigs at hillsideZac riding jigs at hillside

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