Did the Ground Hog Lie?


 “Punxsutawney Phil’ Predicts Early Spring”    Well, where is it?

This is the second Sunday in a row a local equine event was canceled due to SNOW- last weekend the Versatility; this week Team Sorting. I’m bummed and bored.

It is snowing now.

The large ground rodent has two weeks to bring on the warmer weather and lose the snow or his prediction will have no more merit than a carnival fortune teller’s.

The trails have been snow covered all month- mostly passable, but the snow rain mix predicted for today will make them too icy to be safe if it stays below freezing. (How did they get around in the old days?)

All the horses are fed up and have been naughty.

I guess we got spoiled last and most of this winter.  Global warming was starting to seem like it wasn’t so bad for winters in New England. (Does that make me a terrible person?) And then, February happened.

The snow came the weekend I finally received the saddle we won back in November. It is really cool.  “ERTR 2012 Champion” is stamped on both fenders. I’m antsy to try it out, but with the weather, I’ve only been able to ride in it once.


Jigs made it clear to me he doesn’t like the rear cinch. We’ve never used one before. It makes me nervous that some refer to them as “bucking straps.” I’ll need to work with him on the ground with it before taking him on the trail with it just to be safe.


So, Phil, I’m impatient. Where is this mythical spring you predicted?

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