Me, the frustrated old lady, whines….

July 9, 2011

Today I felt like a dowdy, past middle aging woman fooling herself into thinking she could add “refinement” to her horse by teaching him to side pass.

I just can’t get it. I’m too clumsy. I am not clear with my body and I confuse Jigs. Worse still, he does know how to do it; he just plain refuses to.

Jigs isn’t mean. He doesn’t crowd my space. He doesn’t try to smack my knee into a tree or knock me down. He doesn’t run off with me- he’s slow and lazy and eats his way through the trail. He walks crooked.

I know I’m the problem.

I’m one of those aging women desperately trying to reconnect with their youth through horses.  Rather pathetic. There’s a whole industry built up around our fantasies. We read the books; go to the clinics; buy the magic tools. Most of it is hogwash and doesn’t work.

But the truth is I love Jigs. He is a great horse. I trust him with my grand boys. He listens to me most of the time. He’s fun to be around.

He’s the bright spot in my life.

So what if I’m a past middle age dowdy almost old woman trying to teach a horse to side pass for the first time?  Maybe one day we’ll figure it out together.

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