Obstacle Practice

Another stay-cation is over. Big Sigh.  I didn’t get much time to rest this week but did get a lot accomplished.  Most important, the house is sparkly clean- vinyl siding and roof. I ended up hiring someone to do it.  After watching the process, I’m glad I did.

I rode every day. We practiced cantering between obstacles and managed a long trail ride during the week. That was a great luxury.

Today Jigs and I attended a local benefit show/gymkhana thing.  It was all speed events, not our strong suit but we finished 3rd in trail, 4th in the obstacle race. He placed 5th in barrels with another rider- someone who is an expert barrel racer. Jigs certainly enjoyed the chance to run fast.

Our barn took 1st , 2nd , and 3rd  in the trail race.  We spent a lot of time working obstacles and it showed. Many of the faster horses freaked out at the bridge and mailbox.  It was pretty much yawn yawn for ours!

Aug 9, 2014 - Trail Class

Obstacles require finesse and trust. That is why I enjoy them.  They are good preparation for the trail.  You never know what you will encounter.  There are times when you need to draw on the confidence and trust developed by obstacle work.

And they are fun! Jigs agrees….

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